30 Jun 12 at 9 pm

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asker There's so many Ziggy to choose from, there's always the 1980 floor show. Let's see if I can find some good pictures of that.

oooh very true! thank you for helping!

30 Jun 12 at 9 pm

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asker 'finally finished that art project now I have time to draw." xD. That's cool there's so many things and ways Ziggy could be drawn. Hope you pick a pose.

XD that’s how i live life and i LOVE it. Art=happiness for me. also Bowie=Happiness to me XD

Any suggestions? i can’t seem to pick, they’re all so pretty!

30 Jun 12 at 8 pm

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asker Hello beautiful, how have you been? :D

hello gorgeous! I’m doing fine! just trying to decide how to draw the ziggy portrait i want to do XD

that’s how i reward myself for finishing big projects like last night’s outside update XD

asker I've been doing the same, I keep running out ofaper so I'm using my old notebooks from school. I want to draw a lot I plan on selling some artwork next year for animation classes next summer.

sounds like fun! :D

asker Haven't talked to you in awhile, how ou been? C:

I’ve been good! Just drawing and enjoying my summer! you?

24 Jun 12 at 4 pm
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modbeatlefan replied to your post: I am sick of Art Bashing.

It upsets me too, I like drawing anime and realism. Anime has the same portions as realism, to me it’s just simplifying the drawing in to fewer lines. You excrete the expressions. It’s stylization and you can see people’s drawing Abilties when they draw anime. Pole should…

exactly. I saw this the other day and it made me sick:

What the hell is that?!

I know for a fact that yes, my style was influence by artists such as Yuu Watase, Rumiko Takahashi, Hayao Miasaki, and CLAMP, but my style is still very different from all of them!

who is this person to say that anime is not art? 

asker Circle and heart.


04 Jun 12 at 12 am

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asker Ever been to a Disney park? :3

Yes! The one in florida when I was really little. I still have fragments of memories from it, but nothing very much to go on

modbeatlefan replied to your post: How many people have you kissed? O.O lol I’m t.m.I

Wha, you’re just too awesome for normal folk. I’d kiss yu but that would totally weird. XD You deserve the best. Some one smart and mature.

d’awwww that’s sweet of you

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